Monday, October 17, 2011

Krik Krak ! [Poetry]

di krik,
Rèv mwen an malmakak
di krak,
klou gagit se fontyè imajinasyon m

Absans ou plake jouk anwo nan fetay tòl
Bonè bonè,
bonè m pran on palavire
Nan zokokolo kalbas tèt mwen
Pwomès ki te fèt fè mikalaw

Si demen de men n kontre
nan kachkach liben sere liben listwa
wa di yo:
timtim bwa sèch!
timtim bwa sèch!

lalin bliye chanje katye
katye a an dèy
byografi n son laviwonndede
mèch lwil
ak lanp tèt gridap…


Krik Krak!

Say krik:
my dreams hung over my head
Say krak:
round-wire nails frontier my imagination

As I envision your absence glued up over my tin roof
my sanity has been abated,
in the very depth of my calabash-head
promises made scattered.

If tomorrow our hands shall meet
in the midst of history’s epic game of hide and seek
May you tell them:
Timtim! Bwa sèch!
Timtim! Bwa sèch!

The moon forgot how to switch phase
the village is mourning,
our biographies remain an amalgam
of oiled threads and gridap-head lamps…

Vye Ewòl (c) / Koleksyon Toutouni

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