Sunday, December 25, 2011

Some Basic Creole Phrases / Holiday Season

With the holidays around the corner I know there are many of you that will be traveling and or sending gifts to Haiti. If you already have the basics, these are some conversational phrases that have helped me communicate during this holiday season.

Jwaye Nwèl! (jwah-yay nwehl)
Merry Christmas!

Bòn Ane! (boawn ah-nay)
Happy New Year!

Here are a few ways to ask about someone’s Christmas.

Mwen swete ou pran ti plezi ou pou vakans Nwèl la.
(mwehn sway-tay oo prahn tee play-zi oo poo vah-kahns Nwehl lah)
I hope you enjoy your Christmas vacation.

M swete ou te byen pase Nwèl la.
(mm sway-tay oo tay bee-ehn pah-say nwehl la)
I hope you enjoyed your Christmas.

Kisa w ap fè pou Nwèl la?
(kee-sah wahp feh poo Nwehl la)
What are you doing for Christmas ?

Èske ou pral legliz?
(ehs-kay oo prahl lay-gleez)
Are you going to church?

Èske ou pral nan bal?
(ehs-kay oo prahl nuh bahl)
Are you going to a party/dance?

Èske w ap avèk fanmi ou?
(ehs-kay wahp ah-vehk fuh-mee oo)
Are you going to be with your family?

Èske w ap avèk mennaj/madanm/mari ou?
(ehs-kay wahp ah-vehk mehn-nahj/mah-dahm/mah-ree oo)
Are you going to be with your girlfriend or boyfriend/wife/husband?

M ap voye yon ti lajan pou ou.
(mahp voy-ay yoaw tee lah-juh pou oo.
I am sending you some money.

M ap voye yon koli pou ou.
(mahp voy-ay yoaw koe-lee poo oo)
I’m sending you a package.

Konbyen kòb?
(kaw-bee-yehn kawb)
How much money?
$50 - senkant dola (sehnk-uht doe-lah)
$100 - san dola (suh doe-lah)
$200 - de san dola (day suh doe-lah)
$300 - twa san dola (twah suh soe-lah)
$400 - kat san dola (kaht suh doe-lah
$500 - senk san dola (sehnk suh doe-lah)

Èske ou te jwenn bagay mwen te voye pou ou yo?
(ehs-kay oo tay jwehnn bah-guy mwehn tay voy-ay poo oo yo)
Did you receive the stuff that I sent you?

Sa fè lontan depi nou pa pale oubyen kontre.
(Sah say loaw-tuh day-pee noo pah pah-lay oo-bee-ehn koaw-tray)
It’s been a long time since we’ve talked or seen each other.

M ap vin vizite ankò byento.
(mahp veen vee-zee-tay uh-koaw bee-ehn-toe)
I am coming to visit again soon.

N ap vin vizite ankò byento.
(nahp veen vee-zee-tay uh-koaw bee-ehn-toe)
We are coming to visit again soon.

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