Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kreyòlab Now Offers Spring Break In Haiti

Kreyòl pale, Kreyòl Konprann!

Kreyòlab: Celebrate, preserve and promote the Haitian cultural legacy

Here at the Kreyòlab we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy the richness of Haitian culture and we recognize that language plays an integral part in being able to do so. We’ve created a learning atmosphere where students learning their first words and those who can uphold verbose conversations can equally take advantage of our services.

Kreyòlab offers the highest quality classes for all students to gain quick and accurate fluency of the reading, writing, and comprehension of the Kreyòl language. Classes are designed for optimal student retention with beginner through advanced courses in which students not only obtain mastery of the language but gain insights on keys aspects of Haitian culture, literature and history. Our revolutionary style of teaching engages students in one-on-one individualized courses with distinguished instructors who are published writers and native speakers of the language. In addition to our classes, we wish to further our impact by offering interpretation and translation services for individuals needing to connect with the global Haitian community.

With a unique emphasis on utilizing Kreyòl as a tool to link peoples of different cultures, we are excited to have established a cooperative relationship with Spring Break in Haiti. Students who participate in both programs are able to maximize their experience in enjoying Haiti’s attractions, while learning and personally becoming immersed in the language. This combination is invaluable and at a minimum offers a most satisfactory vacation experience in which students assuredly embody our mission to preserve and promote the legacy of Haitian culture through the beautiful Kreyòl language.

We welcome you to find out more information about us by visiting our official website We are looking forward to the opportunity to share our native Haitian Creole language with you so that you may carry it in your journey to discover all the beauty Haiti has to offer.

The Kreyòlab Team.

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