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Vocabulary Building: Personal Dictionary for Haitian Creole Students

Vocabulary Building: Personal Dictionary for Haitian Creole Students

Skilled language learners develop their vocabulary by exposure to new words through listening to instructors, native speakers, audio recordings and reading books, newspapers or written materials, etc. They write those new words down with their meanings. They practice using these words frequently. Vwala! That’s how skilled learners build their vocabulary by creating a personal dictionary.

How does this translate to you as a Haitian Creole student?

During your learning course at KreyòLab, you are going to keep a personal dictionary. This dictionary will consist of a list of all of the unfamiliar words you encounter while reading and listening to native speakers. The key to making this work is identifying the unfamiliar words in the first place—after all, you can’t document new words if you don’t have any to work with.

One needs to get used to keeping a notebook of new words. After months of practice this will become a handy second nature. We are encouraging you to start creating your personal dictionary today so that before long you will find that recording a new word become a second nature to you. You will find it particularly helpful to try to record where you heard the word and the context of the sentence. In addition to your Creole classes, a great way to encounter new words is listening to the language as much as possible via CDs, Haitian radio stations or even making an effort to frequent events or places where you can be sure native speakers are present. Some best practices include keeping a notebook handy, or writing the new word down on a scrap piece of paper easily accessible to be found later. You will eventually find the method that works best for you, but the key is to get started!

The truth is that once you have successfully begun to develop this habit, it will be no time before you become anxious to use these news words in speech. This natural process flows smoother than you think, and before long there will be a new stranger in the reflection of the mirror speaking Kreyòl…well!

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