About Us

In our dedicated commitment to preserving and promoting the legacy of Haitian culture, we understood the Kreyol language to be the most influential resource, thus the creation of the Kreyol Lab. We strive to distinguish ourselves as a resourceful institution in which individuals seeking to learn Haitian Creole or discover Haitian culture have an opportunity to get the most accurate information from native Haitian Creole speaking instructors. We hope to target students of all walks of life, ranging from volunteers and medical staff traveling to Haiti and NGOs, to Haitian-Americans looking to reconnect with their authentic Haitian heritage.

In addition to our Haitian Creole classes, we wish to further our impact by offering interpretation and translation services to individuals, organizations, and businesses that need to interact with the global Haitian community. As we place a strong emphasis of learning the language with proficiency within a strong cultural context, the demand for students to visit Haiti has inspired us to assist with a cultural exchange program. While students are strongly encouraged to participate, this exchange program is open to all individual or groups.

About our Founder
With over 10 years of teaching and language interpretations, Erold Saint Louis is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Haitian culture through education of the Creole language. He has worked extensively in his hometown of Leogane teaching English, French, Spanish and his native Haitian Creole. He has worked as a modern languages teacher, radio host, journalist and community activist. Since his arrival to the US via a full international scholarship in the study of Social Sciences, humanities, and Philosophy almost ten years ago, he has maintained his commitment to Haitian culture through his involvement and support of various local and international organizations. He attended Oxford University via Shimer-in-Oxford program and continued on to complete his studies at Shimer College "The Great Books College of the Midwest." As a published poet, writer, scholar, activist and entrepreneur he has rightfully earned the title as a guardian of the Haitian cultural legacy. Erold Saint Louis also known as Vye Ewol is the author of the Haitian Creole book titled Bonnanj Pwezi published in 2006. He is a prolific writer who has co-authored other works and has written numerous articles dedicated to the preservation, promotion and development of Haitian Creole.

In his development of the Kreyol Lab, he has fulfilled a longtime goal in response to the overwhelming demand of former students, friends and newcomers seeking to improve their proficiency, expand their knowledge, and passion for being a part of Haitian culture. He believes that the valuation and "Kreyolization" of education is imperative for a true development of Haiti; that Creole is the only language that is capable of expressing the very depths of the Haitian psyche and connects Haitians. In his native Haiti, education without the valuation and adaptation of Haitian Creole is nothing but a "cultural miscarriage." Thus, the creation of Kreyol Lab with an important mission: preserve and promote the Haitian cultural legacy through the beautiful Kreyol language.
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"...creating the perfect classroom environment in which students simply looking for basic conversation skills for vacation, or students looking to gain more immediate fluency for work, travel, relief or volunteer efforts and other immediate circumstances can take advantage of a complete learning experience with very specific personalized class opportunities offered by our KREYOL LAB."