Find below a list of free materials that can help you learn or improve your proficiency in Haitian Creole. Every now and then more materials are being uploaded on the web. Whenever we come across them and we think they are any good we will share them with you below.

English / Kreyòl Phrases
Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
Download Textbook here |

Survival Creole
This work is intended as a brief, practical guide for English Speakers in Haiti on a short-term basis. Download textbook | Download audio (52.7 MB)

Chita Pa Bay (adaptasyon Gouvènè Lawouze)
Abridged version of Jacques Roumain’s novel Gouverneurs de la Rosée (1945), a masterpiece of Haitian literature that has been translated into no fewer than seventeen languages and was the subject of an award-winning film. Also included is a selection of jokes and riddles, some simple arithmetic problems, and a glossary.
Download textbook | Download audio (41 MB)

English-Haitian Medical Dictionary
Download dictionary

Haitian-English Medical Phraseology
This work is intended for the many English-speaking physicians, dentists, nurses, and paramedics treating monolingual Haitian patients. It is a compendium of more than 1,300 questions, answers, and instructions heard during the course of several hundred medical interviews in rural Haiti.
Download textbook | Download audio Part 1 (140 MB) | Part 2 (83 MB) | Part 3 (117 MB)

Ti Koze Kreyòl: A Haitian-Creole Conversation Manual
A tongue-in-cheek account of boy meets girl in Haitian Creole class, and of their honeymoon adventures and misadventures across Haiti. Organized as nineteen topical conversations with explanatory notes and a complete Haitian-English glossary.
Download textbook | Download audio (73.8 MB)

Third-World Folk Beliefs and Practices: Haitian Medical Anthropology
This work was created principally for that group of human beings - the most admirable we have ever known - who devote a large, or small, portion of their lives to helping the Haitian people by practicing medicine in extremely isolated, difficult outposts of rural Haiti. Our principal aim is to acquaint those new to the rural Haitian scene with what many (but certainly not all) patients may believe, and to present a sampling of the cultural barriers to be confronted.
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Check back with us. We post additional ones as soon as we find them.

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