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Kreyol Lab understands the need for groups and individuals to communicate with the growing global Haitian population. In addition to our classes we offer professional, punctual, and efficient translation, interpretation and transcription services. All of our linguists are bilingual and have been skillfully trained to relay nuances of all translated documents. Our outlined services are a great opportunity to find exactly which service best suit you and/or your organization in your endeavor to interconnect with the Haitian community.

•Haitian Creole Classes- Beginner through Advanced classes

•Lectures and workshops- These are designed for the advantage of Universities, NGOs, or individuals seeking personnel to host cultural discussions relating to Haiti in the context of history, culture, and language.

•Translation- We translate all formats of written documents for the purposes of business communication, legal, education and medical us. Click here for more info.

•Interpretation- We provide interpretation services such as simultaneous and consecutive interpretations. We can travel anywhere in the world to assist our clients and specially to Haiti. With over 10 years of experiences in this field we are a strong group of professionals dedicated to bridging the linguistic gap between our clients and the global Haitian community. All of our interpreters are native Haitian Creole speakers that also possess native fluency in English. Click here for more info.

•Transcription- All audio recordings can be transcribed into accurate written documentations.

•Haiti Exchange Program- Volunteering, internship, tourism:
This is an opportunity for Kreyol Lab to place individuals seeking volunteer, internship, or leisure travel with a respective organization. While in Haiti we offer individuals the availability of personal interpreters for education, medicine, business or finance, or tour guidance. We place individual with a most friendly host family and/or non-for-profit organization working in their fields on preferences.

For further information about our services feel free to contact us anytime at (847) 920-1878 or via email at /
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"...creating the perfect classroom environment in which students simply looking for basic conversation skills for vacation, or students looking to gain more immediate fluency for work, travel, relief or volunteer efforts and other immediate circumstances can take advantage of a complete learning experience with very specific personalized class opportunities offered by our KREYOL LAB."