Translation & Interpretation

•Translation- (written)

We translate audio material as well as all formats of written documents for the purposes of business communication, legal, education and medical use. We assign 3 linguists to every translation project. All of our linguists are native Haitian Creole professionals. It is a 4 step rigorous process: the first translator reads the original material, produces translation, reviews the translated document, and then forwards it to the editing department. From there a linguist proofreads the document, edits, checks and corrects grammatical and spelling errors. The translator validates second review done by the linguist and together they produce a final text. A senior editor/linguist checks the quality of the text, ensures cultural relevancy (with emphasis on target audience), shares the final product with all team members involved in the process. The team then puts translated material in requested format and delivers the final translation timely and professionally via mail, email, or fax based on clients' request.

•Interpretation- (spoken)

We provide interpretation services such as simultaneous and consecutive interpretations. We can travel anywhere in the world to assist our clients and specially to Haiti. With over 10 years of experiences in this field we are a strong group of professionals dedicated to bridging the linguistic gap between our clients and the global Haitian community. All of our interpreters are native Haitian Creole speakers that also possess native fluency in English. We provide interpretations over the phone, via teleconference, and escort interpretations (trip to Haiti), etc. Contact us today and let our team of professional linguists help you determine which mode of interpretation better suits your specific needs.

•Transcription- All audio recordings can be transcribed into accurate written documentations.

When you hire Kreyol Lab for your projects, Haitian Creole is at your fingertips and everything is fully customized for your individual needs. For additional information please feel free to contact us today. Our dynamic staff works around the clock to ensure timely delivery and excellence.

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